How Often Should I Train Calisthenics in Order to get the Results I Want? – By Mark Valeriote

How Often Should I Train Calisthenics in Order to get the Results I Want? – By Mark Valeriote

As a beginner, some Calisthenics movements might seem very difficult or almost impossible to perform (I had this same experience lol). Keep in mind though that everything will come with progression as long as you make sure you get your workouts in & stay consistent. Consistency is key. 

         Calisthenics workouts can get your body on a whole other level of sore because it hits entire muscle groups rather than isolating one single muscle. After about a week or 2, your body should get used to the soreness and you can fit more workouts in throughout your week to get even MORE GAINS! “How long for each session how many sessions should I workout?” When you first start your calisthenics journey & haven’t worked out for a really long time, I’d say it’s good to start with 2-3 GOOD workouts a week. Now when I say GOOD, I mean you got a good warmup & stretch in, completed a focused workout (around 45 – 90 mins), & if you really want those gains, finished it off with some ab reps. 

Once you start progressing & getting stronger, then you’ll be able to complete 4-5 good workouts within a week & start leveling up even faster. Keep in mind though, when you train more, you should be eating more & giving your body enough rest to replenish those nutrients & muscle fibers so that you keep those gains coming! 

If you want to condition your body to be as high functioning as possible, you can train every single day & still get your workouts in. A really great way going about this is training different muscle groups/skills on different days. Mainly as a competing Street Workout athlete, I try to freestyle at least once a day & then cycle between training Push & Pull. Each of these workouts should last about 1 to 3 hours depending on how much you did in your last workout. Every workout you complete should start off with a good 10 minute cardio warmup, 10-20 minutes stretching & 60 to 120 minute workout. If your body feels sore from the previous workout, you can substitute a pull or push workout for some good cardio, stretching, core & handstands. There’s always something you can work on to get better in the sport so make sure you become aware of your level & where you want to be.

I hope this blog helped you guys with how your workouts should look like & how often you should be training. If you have any questions or ideas for more blogs, shoot me a message or email 🙂