Pro in the World of Calisthenics

Personal trainer, Mark Valeriote, is extremely professional and passionate when it comes to fitness. Each session has not been only challenging but fun with Mark's style of coaching. When I felt like I hit a wall of how far I can go, he pushes me to reach my full potential. Though my journey is still far from my goals. Mark continues to help me envision it each time we meet. I recommend anyone looking to a personal trainer. Mark is a pro in the world of calisthenics.

Phillip V. Business Owner Clovis, CA

Catered to My Own Progressions

Mark always pushes me past mental barriers every workout. Every workout is catered to my own progressions. They are difficult but not impossible. 

Joesph Rivera Life Guard Sanger, CA

Instills confidence in his clients

Coach Mark has been a positive influence on my kids. Not only does he have a sound training techniques, he also instills confidence in his clients. He has definitely inspired my kids to work and train towards their goals. I highly recommend him!

Sound = safe, appropriate, smart. Things parents want to hear when it comes to their kids.

Nicole Clovis, CA