Playground Wars 2 2020 Champion Mark Valeriote

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How Often Should I Train Calisthenics in Order to get the Results I Want? – By Mark Valeriote

As a beginner, some Calisthenics movements might seem very difficult or almost impossible to perform (I had this same experience lol). Keep in mind though that everything will come with…
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Why Calisthenics is the Best Workout Method? – By Mark Valeriote

The term Calisthenics originates from the 2 greek words kallos meaning beauty and sthenos meaning Strength. Calisthenics was given this name because not only does it help you lose weight,…
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Mark to MC 2020 West Coast Warriors

Mark returns as co-host and MC for the “West Coast Warriors” freestyle calisthenics battles. The competition of endurance and strength.

Bar Game Affiliated – Cal Expo 2020

Helping people unite around the world ? by using our bodyweight movement..

Bar Duelz II – Phoenix, AZ 2019

8-man + 8-Women Freestyle TournamentBar Duelz on June 15th, 2019

Street Warriors – Ambato, Ecuador 2019

In March 2019, Mark’s team “West Coast Warriorz” hosted a street workout competition at the team’s gym in Ecuador called “StreetFit”. The gym is ran by their teammate Mauricio Mosquera…
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